Ge Changying and Chuanpu Hall


The seal "Listen Deep to Oriole" by He Zhen


The seal "Leaning on the Pine and Play with Crane after Playing Qin" engraved by Wen Peng

Ge Chang Ying (1892-1963), was styled Shuzheng, literarily called Zhunian, and whose studio name was Building of Crane Play and Oriole Singing. Born in Pinghu, Zhejiang and as the third-generation owner of the most famous library "Chuanpu Hall" in modern Zhejiang, Ge enjoyed seal engraving since childhood, and had wide range of seal calligraphy and painting collection. In 1963, on the 60th anniversary commemoration of the founding of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society in Hangzhou, Ge Changying donated all 43 seals in Chuanpu Hall to Xiling Seal Engraver's Society, among which there're "Leaning on the Pine and Play with Crane after Playing Qin" engraved by Wen Peng (1497-1573) in Ming Dynasty, "Listen Deep to Oriole" by He Zhen (1530-1604) and the "River Sound Cut off at Shore" by Deng Shiru in Qing Dynasty and other precious collections. In 1986, 20 years after his death, his families followed his wish to donate ten Tianhuang Stone Seals engraved by Wu Changshuo for him to the Society. All these seals have successively become top-one treasures of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society.