Xiling Seal Engraver's Society - A Pearl on the West Lake

Hangzhou is located in the south-east of China with excellent geographical situation, and the metropolis of Three Wu, Qiantang (especially Hangzhou) has been a bustling city since ancient times. As one of the seven ancient metropolis of China, Hangzhou has profound cultural and historical heritage and beautiful exquisite West Lake natural and cultural landscape, known as "paradise on earth". 5000 years ago, the Liangzhu Culture that w... [details]

Congregation of Cultural Relics and Treasures
Asakura Fumio and the Bronze Statue of Wu Changshuo

Asakura Fumio (1883-1964), a famous Japanese sculptor, the first President of Japan Art Academy, was an admirer of Wu Changshuo's art. In 1921, Asakura Fumio made two bronze bust statues of Wu Changshuo, one of which remained ... [details]

Landscape of the Premises of the Society
The garden of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society occupies a good spot of West Lake Scenery, and is located in the extraordinary and beautiful Gushan, which is really a geographically advantageous location, whose layout is very exquisite and compact, fully utilizing the traditional garden making technique of "big in small" and "first suppress and later raise", forming the garden pattern of releasing and absorbing, which with the West Lake scenery shine more brilliantly in the each other's company. As the saying goes: Summarization of the broad landscapes of lake and mountains only the present views can be remember, thousands of seal engraving practices contribute the seals in here.